About us

Mielikki Beauty was founded by 2017 Miss universe Australia MUA Kira. Mielikki is an urban mythology name meaning, Lady of the Forest/ Queen of the forrest.

Naturally this was so fitting for our label! We pride ourselves on a no compromise approach. We endeavour to only offer the best products with the most high quality ingredients, whilst still remaining as eco-friendly as possible. Most of our packaging is recyclable which is something that is so very important to us!

A message from our Founder ~ Kira

Being heavily involved in the beauty industry for a large amount of years, I have always dreamt of using products that are great for your skin whilst still enjoying an amazing user experience. Yes I was a "high end snob", I laugh at this now! What most don't know is that there are some very well known products out there that contain cheap fillers that are just nasty! I wanted something that will help me age gracefully and wouldn't destroy my skin.

While I did find some products such as these, the pigmentation and general use was average and not what I wanted to use on clients or myself for that matter. I love a good highlight and shadow palette! Well I love everything about makeup and skincare. 

Which is where the story of Mielikki Beauty started :)

Mielikki Beauty is my baby and I am so proud to offer you the most incredible products at an affordable price. No compromise on ingredients.

I hope you have fun playing with them as much as I do!

Kira Xo